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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 4, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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night, your one and only chance to try to strengthen your candidate's case. join us tonight at 9:00. full coverage throughout the evening. here's shep live in farmville, virginia. it's noon on west coast, 3:00 p.m. in an american may berry paradise called farmville, virginia. tonight, the would be vice presidents will debate. that's the news. i have to tell you about the journey. farmville virginia, not farmville, like louisville, it's an hour and a half from the encampment in richmond. when they settled on virginia is for lovers as a tourism slogan, they must have been talking about this place. other rolling hills and a land from the history books where a look out the window is a picture postcard of rural utopia. as you progress, stay straight at the turn for tobaccoville, right past the lake and the sign
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reminding the locals there's a turkey shoot coming up. past the country church, the true value hardware, the tractor yard, and the trump sign, you'll get to farmville. you won'tve your 4-g lt phone along the way so map it out in advance. senator kaine may have the advantage in virginia but a recent poll shows us most americans don't know who he or even pence even is. for many, that changes tonight. from farmville, usa. now pence has to try to refocus that republican campaign against clinton while defending trump. tim kaine has to do everything in his power to prevent that from happening. it won't be the sexiest debate in history but it could be the most illuminating. the states that could make or break this race, pennsylvania, ohio, florida. today new polls from those big battlegrounds. plus, all of florida under a state of emergency as floridians and tourists prepare for hurricane matthew, a powerful
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now category 4 monster blasted through cuba and haiti now headed towards america's east coast. we'll look at where the meteorologists believe it could hit. and who could be in lots of danger. let's get to it. >> announcer: live from farmville, virginia, shepard smith reporting. >> farmville. good afternoon from the spin room here on campus at longwood where reporters will speak with supporters of the vice presidential candidates after tonight's throw-down in farmville. analysts say it will be a critical proxy battle between donald trump and hillary clinton. and trump's vp nominee, mike pence, may be on clean-up duty for the billionaire yet again. when trump criticized the parents of a muslim u.s. soldier who died in iraq, pence said they should, quote, be cherished by every american. when trump seemed to invite russian hackers to find hillary clinton's deleted e-mails, pence said there could be serious consequences for meddling with a u.s. election.
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when donald trump refused to endorse house speaker paul ryan in his primary, pence gave him a ringing endorsement. now, trump faces more controversies. for slamming a former miss universe and fat shaming her and for reports he may have legally avoided paying federal income tax for nearly two decades by recording a $900 million loss on his tax returns, as all the great businessmen do. how will mike pence respond? donald trump's team promises tonight the indiana governor will be on offense. here's what trump campaign's manager kellyanne conway told fox news. >> he's been doing mock debates and preparing with the senior staff. i think you're going to see tomorrow a feisty mike pence take on the record of clint and hold her accountable for the failures of her policies as secretary of state. also, the united states senator, talk about an unremarkable record. >> feisty mike pence. that's what they called him back in his old days.
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conway also says she hopes pence will have time to talk about his record, as indiana governor. the latest fox news poll show 40% have a favorable view of him. that's a statistical tie. about 30% of likely voters said they couldn't rate either candidate because they have no idea who they are. so tonight could help americans learn more about the men who could soon be but a heartbeat away from the presidency. to that end, we have team fox coverage. more on tim kaine's preparation for tonight. first, carl cameron is outside the debate hall here in virginia. how tonight does he explain that? >> well, delicately. the bucolic campaign trail you rode to work is nothing like the battlefield four of these candidates have been living on for past year and a half. there are some differences that mike pence had with donald trump before he joined the ticket and that's almost going to be one of the things kaine will call him
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out for. specifically, the key issues, the ban on muslim, a temporary ban that trump has revised somewhat. initially pence was adamantly against that. a key part of trump's economic plan is to reform, if not undo, trade deals. nafta and the transpacific partnership specifically. mike pence is in favor of those things and he's now become a critic as he's joined the team. these are the type of things that will be easy low-hanging fruit for tim kaine to pick at to suggest that pence's compromised in terms of his own philosophy by being on the trump ticket. on the other hand, it's easy for pence to do pretty much the same thing to tim kaine. he has been pro-life all of his life, although he supports abortion rights. he has been at odds with hillary clinton on a variety of issues as well. so they'll be -- if they want to go apter each other's policies, they can do that. truth of the matter is, they're going to be defending their own. for pence, the biggest challenge is going to be trying to defend donald trump's rhetoric as well as his policies, particularly in the policy department, because
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there's so few specifics and pence has to be careful not to get too far ahead of trump by fillinging in the blanks of some of those policy holes and perhaps going further than trump might like to go, shep. >> for viewers, reporter also eat meals and do a lot of texting and last night i saw you at one of the local places over there in west richmond and we were talking about the over/under on trump live tweeting the thing. what do you think? >> there's an awful lot of speculation about it. he's been known to do the midnight tweet storms. he's been known to hurl personal epithets. it was trump who said that mike pence was not put on the ticket to be a pit bull or a fighter. that's basically trump's strong suit. we asked one republican official here if they had heard anything about what the campaign's strategy was to deal with trump while pence is debating kaine and the answer is, i will quote, oh, he will tweet. he didn't say if it was before,
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during or after and he didn't say what the topics might be but it's a pretty fair bet if not during the debate, not too long afterwards we'll begin to hear from the principal himself. traditionally, those things tend to be tremendously controversial, shep. >> they do, really do, carl cameron here out in the yard, thank you. tim kaine's democratic ally said he has one major job tonight. one major job. force mike pence to own every bit of donald trump's agenda. force him to do it. own it all. beginning with the wall. own it. democrats told the political website politico this is senator cain's chance to, quote, go for the jugular. they say they want to turn donald trump's bad week into a bad month. tim kaine's spokeswoman says the vice presidential candidate has been studying hard for the big showdown tonight. he took a break from the campaign trail and has spent some time preparing for his home in richmond, virginia, which, as i mentioned, is behind a log truck, an hour and a half that way. team fox coverage continues.
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jennifer griffin here in farmville, virginia. jen feshgs i know you found the log truck. how have things been since? >> well, we got here. but i will tell you that tim kaine has been practicing throwing a punch on the campaign trail since the convention. the question is will he be able to do so tonight. will he connect. the problem with both of these candidates is that they are such nice guys. in fact, they come across as very, you know, vanilla, if you will. mike pence, one of the first things he did after tim kaine was offer the job of hillary clinton's vice president, he called kaine. it was one of the first calls that kaine received. these are two sportsmen-like men in a very unsportsmen-like contest. advisers see his job as forcing pence to take a stand, one way or the other, on some of the more outrageous things trump has said about women, a gold star
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family, veterans with ptsd, the list goes on, shepherd. >> sometimes you get a idea of a battle strategy based on the guests in attendance. who are tim kaine's guests tonight? stwli think what's interesting. >> i think what's interesting is we got a report that tim kaine and his wife are visiting a civil rights museum here in farmville, there right now as we speak. he's invited his parents. he's also invited a survivor of the virginia tech shooting. he was governor of the state at that time. he invited jesse jackson, the first black mayor of richmond, a college professor, who was refused housing because of the color of her skin, and a same-sex couple who brought the landmark case that overturned virginia's ban on same-sex marriage. it's clear that kaine is making a strong appeal to african-american voters. if you look at the majority of his guests. and it is no coincidence that he did debate prep in raleigh, north carolina, for four days. the african-american vote in
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north carolina is going to be crucial for the clinton/kaine ticket and the clinton campaign is investing so much time there, because they think they can win it. even though president obama lost north carolina in 2012, shepherd. >> jennifer griffin, also in the yard, thank you. ahead, more on tonight's throwdown in farmville. we'll talk strategy and what to look for as each president vp candidate takes the stage and what they need to get done. that's coming up from longwood university in central virginia on this tuesday afternoon as we prepare for tonight's throwdown at farmville and recall some memorable moments from past vp showdowns. >> admiral stock dale, your opening statement please, sir? >> who am i? why am i here? [ laughter ] smoking with chantix. smoking's a monkey on my back. it was, it was always controlling your time, your actions, your money. it had me. it had me. i would not be a non-smoker today if it wasn't for chantix. along with support, chantix (varenicline)
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i can see my wife and think she's thinking, gee, i wish he'd go out in the private sector. >> i'm going to try to help you do that, joe. >> that was the vice presidential debate between the republican dick cheney and the democrat joe lieberman. almost 16 years ago this very day. the fourth year of fox news channel's existence. it might be a preview of what we could see tonight, who knows. as the analysts say, mike pence and tim kaine are almost complete opposites when it companies to their po isitions. both candidates have to attack the other's running mate while defending his own. here with me, the national
12:14 pm
politics reporter for "the wall street journal," a publication that is our corporate cousin. nice to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> keep hearing each of these men has a huge task ahead. what is it? >> we like to raise the stakes for these things. >> we do. >> in the long run, i'm not sure this will be a game-change moment, but it's an important moment. >> you never know what trump might live tweet. >> that's true. in fact, more people might be watching trump tweeting than the debate itself. yes, these are the runni ning mates. they have to defend their top of the ticket. mike pence's case, you could argue there's more to defend. trump has made a lot of controversy statements in the last few weeks. there was the revelation about his taxes. that i think is likely to come up. >> likely, yes. >> and, you know, tim kaine also has a job to do in terms of defending the baggage that hillary clinton carries. but they also have to make the
12:15 pm
case for themselves, you know, why they should be, you know, the closest to the presidency. and this is also for them, about their political futures. >> well, that's tricky for mike pence. if you hear it from a traditional establishment republican, there's a certain number of people who later, if this doesn't go well, are going to have to be there to begin this thing anew. there are many people who at least believe that mike pence, paul ryan, a few others, might be on that list. but you've got to play the game right to be able to still stand, don't you? >> right. i would say both of these candidates so far have done a pretty good job of that, of, you know, maintaining their independence, profile, while being a loyal defender of the person on the top of the ticket. >> pence has picked up a lot of pieces when it was seen by the establishment and maybe others and supporters of trump that maybe he said or did some things that were untoward. it was mike pence who came in
12:16 pm
and cleaned it up. >> he was playing -- he has played clean-up quite a bit. he's also played the role as sort of a quiet ambassador behind the scenes, meeting with people who donald trump has offended, to try to smooth over ruffleled feathers. >> and tonight, as he gets going, one thing that his supporters and everyone else knows about donald trump is he very much enjoys the limelight. and a moment out of it, think back to chris christie and the endorsement. you wonder how that's going to fly, you know. >> this is sort of an odd position for donald trump to be in. he is not on camera tonight. but like you said, his presence will certainly be felt in the hall. >> tim kaine and mike pence are really die metically opposed politically. each is an establishment figure within his own party. i wonder how much of their task is to uphold establishment traditions and sort of right the two ships as it were.
12:17 pm
>> well, that's more challenging for mike pence. because donald trump has obviously strayed from party orthodox on a number of issues, trade, taxes, foreign policy. and so it will be interesting to see how governor pence navigates those gaps. >> is there a sense from talking with the campaigns and from reporting within the journal and beyond of what the campaigns have said versus what the establishment might be pushing for? i guess on the democratic side, those might be similar but on the republican, they might be different. >> well, this is trump's republican party i think right now. least for the next 30-some days. and then i'm not sure what happens. but for now, trump's philosophy is the one on the ballot. >> and that's the only philosophy that is involved tonight. >> i think so, i don't think governor pence is going to be asked to talk about policies that -- he's not going to defend policies that his running mate doesn't support. >> i'm kind of pumped. i love it here.
12:18 pm
the chamber of commerce ordered up a day from heaven. >> couldn't ask for better weather. >> it's amazing. >> very nice. >> beth rhineheart from "the wall street journal." hurricane matthew pummels the caribbean. it's not quite as powerful as, say, andrew was or as katrina was or camille way back in the day. but notably for this region, the most powerful storm in 52 years. and you've seen the cone of uncertainty, right, you've seen this thing should skirt florida. it should skirt it and maybe hit into north carolina. but they don't know in a swift jot to the west and miami is in a horrible mess. the preparations that are under way. the people who are being warned. the extreme weather center live from new york in just a moment. we're back, live from longwood,
12:19 pm
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fox news extreme weather alert. hurricane matthew has turned deadly as it barreled through the caribbean. now it's headed toward the united states in that general direction. nasa captured these images of the massive storm. this is from space. the cat 4 hurricane made landfall this morning in the west of haiti with maximum sustained winds at 145 miles per hour. emergency workers say at least seven people are dead so far. in florida, they're keeping a close watch on matthew. the thinking it will go east of miami beach. that's it is thinking. but hurricanes make the final decision. florida governor rick scott
12:23 pm
yesterday declaring a state of emergency in every florida county. he says a direct hit could be, as he put it, his word, catastrophic. governor scott is also telling floridians do not think twice about leaving home. if things get really bad. >> you can rebuild a home. you can rebuild a business. you cannot rebuild a life. follow directions of your local officials. this is serious and your safety depends on you being prepared and staying alert to all warnings and orders. >> by the time it gets really bad, it's too late. our chief meteorologist in the extreme weather center. where is he and what's he thinking? >> yeah, we, haiti is probably going to be the spot that takes the brunt of this storm. it was not weakening at all when it did make landfall across the western tip of the island. now you see kind of between the eastern tip cuba right there. want to look at a visible satellite. you get a better idea. it did not spend much time over land so it didn't weaken at all.
12:24 pm
you can see the eye becoming defined again. it's about to move over the eastern tip of cuba. because of that, we got a lot of rain still yet to fall. we're seeing probably, shepherd, some spots in haiti, maybe 40 inches of rainfall. when you think about how deforested that part of the island is, a lot of problems, big flooding. problems in eastern cuba as well. into the bahamas in the short term. >> as far as it hitting the united states, it hit this general direction, but what's the forecast look like? >> this is a different storm we normally talk about. straight into land, causing all the storm surge, flooding. that's not what we're talking about. we thing in the short term, across the bahamas. moving very close to the u.s. as a category 4 major hurricane here in the bahamas. then watch what happens. hugs the coast pretty much all wait through from florida to
12:25 pm
georgia and carolinas. what we can't say with any degree of certainty is does it go 50 miles to west or 50 miles to east and the impact one way or the other is going to be huge. as it moves 50 miles to the west, it will make landfall somewhere across parts of florida now georgia. that would bring all the storm surge of a major hurricane on shore. if it goes 50 miles to the east that just brings tropical storm conditions to coast and we may be spared the worst of it. the center of this track right now showing some sort of a landfall across parts of north carolina. that would put all of the outer banks on the ugly side of the storm. worth noting anywhere to the west side is the better side of the storm at least. we'll certainly see a lot of flooding rain. for a lot of people. we've had a lot of flooding across north carolina over past week or so. some spots, in fact, record breaking flooding. that ground is saturated. any more rain, that's going to cause a lot of problems. there are some indications it will deflect and go off to east. that would space the northeast and new england. too early to say, you said it,
12:26 pm
hurricanes are difficult to predict where they go. high pressure to east kind of wants to nudge it that way. there's a trough coming in from the west that wants to put it to the east. which one gets here first makes a big difference in the trajectory. anywhere from florida, all the way up through new england. needs to be watching with this one because we could be dealing with something for everybody and it could be pretty bad. >> you wonder, rick, our coastal area, especially in florida, georgia, the carolinas, they're so crowded, you need time to get people evacuated. this feels like one of those storms, if it makes the move, does that time even exist? >> yes, that's why they're saying you got to prepare today because there won't be all that much time if it does go a little further to west. worth noting, florida, which has not seen a hurricane make landfall for 11 years until
12:27 pm
hermione did in an unpopulated area. that has so much more population now so it hasn't been tested for over ten years. a lot of people there and they've not had a storm. >> get ready to get out just in case. thanks a lot. new clues in kim kardashian's horrible trip to france. word suspicious men may have been eyeing her for days. the new deets on this coming up. more on politics from here in longwood, university. we have some brand-new polls that show one of these candidates is surging in an important swing state. which one. well, it's huge. for lower back pain sufferers,
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we're going to the playoffs. allstate guarantees your rates won't go up just because of an accident. starting the day you sign up. so get accident forgiveness from allstate. and be better protected from mayhem, like me. it's good to be in, good hands. firefighters responding to a possible gas leak. officials say everyone who lived there got out before that blast. and roughly 2000 people under evacuation orders in colorado as a wildfire spreads there. the sheriff in the area about 150 miles south of denver telling everyone to get out of town. officials say the fire broke out yesterday and destroyed some homes. no one was hurt. and two robbers in france tailed kim kardashian for at
12:31 pm
least three days before holding her at gunpoint and stealing millions of dollars worth of jewelry. that's according to "the daily mail" which reports the police source as saying the men posed as a photographer. the news continues with shepard smith right after this. because we got -- >> now on fox news channel, we're going to charlottesville, north carolina, i believe it is. where though it's a little pix lated because there's a hitch in the satellite today, michelle obama's doing some campaigning for the former first lady hillary clinton. as long as it holds in a little bit, we're going to listen in for a minute. the trump campaign join us live in just a moment. >> our job, we have to replace with a -- and that's why we're here. but i've been sharing with people this time is bittersweet for me. this is going to be the last time i campaign.
12:32 pm
i love you all too. i love you all so much. i do. i do. i love you all more than you will know. don't get me crying up here. because i will do that. but this is really a time of great transition for me and barack and the girls and my mom and bo and sunny. as i've been saying, i'm really trying to make sure my husband finds a new job so he's not sitting around the house. i'm going to need to find a new job. so if you guys have been working on your resumes, you'll be able to give me some tips. >> i feel like this isn't fair to her. we've erased her face. it's just wrong. this is a live view. what we do is we transmit over internet lines like over 4-g lte and you have to have a really strong signal or everything gets pixilated and weird like a very, very bad day on skype.
12:33 pm
it's not fair to first lady so we're going to end that. if it gets better, we'll take you back there. donald trump is set to hold a rally today, arizona, 95 miles north of phoenix, valley of the sun. analysts say it is a swing state this year. this comes as we get new polls from some of the other big swing states. we have a new survey from quinnipiac university that shows hillary clinton is now beating trump in the state of florida with gary johnson in there. it also shows donald trump beating hillary clinton in ohio. 4 47% to 42%. of course both of those states are battleground states. our coverage continues. following the clinton campaign in pennsylvania. first, john roberts is in prescott valley, arizona, hello, john. >> shep good afternoon. arizona beginning to look a lot more like 1996 in this election year than it did in 2012. that's when bill clinton, the
12:34 pm
democrat, won arizona. donald trump leads in the real clear politics average by just a little more than two points now. trump will be on stage here in prescott valley, about an hour and a half's time. the local people here told me this is the biggest event this valley has seen. they've seen some big events in the past. donald trump expected to give a bit a debate preview of what we can expect to see tonight at the vice presidential get-together. a real contrast in ill stoo st campaign is saying between the clinton campaign and the trump campaign. donald trump began with a roundtable on energy in denver, colorado. colorado, a big gas producing state. telling people there that hillary clinton wants to put you out of business. today, he's going to be talking about his businesses and highlighting what he says is his positive business record. certainly he'll say he's had difficult times in the past, but he'll suggest that, you know, people who have live thred thei lives in government, read in that hillary clinton, don't know what it's like to go through the
12:35 pm
depths of a real estate depression like we saw in the '90s and come out on the other side successful. listen to what he said last night in dublin, ohio. >> people like my opponent, crooked hillary clinton, whose only method of making money is buy selling government favors and granting being an stoes special interests, know nothing about how businesses succeed and grow. >> hillary clinton is basically saying look at what a failure donald trump was at business. trump is saying not whether you get knocked down, it's whether or not you get back up again. shep. >> so that is to suggest that he will be there at the next debate on sunday. what's he doing to prep for that? anything different? >> basically, he's going to do a lot more preparation. he's curtailed his campaign schedule for thursday and friday. they built in a lot of debate bit time there. looking at some of these polls, either retaking or stretching
12:36 pm
out a lead in the wake of what happened last monday. they want to make sure he's ready to rumble in st. louis on sunday night. >> john roberts, prescott valley, arizona, thank you. focusing on the swing state of pennsylvania today. that's where she is. that's where the focus is. firmly on state of pennsylvania. just minutes now, the nominee scheduled to visit a voter registration event in harrisburg. held a conversation with families, as they called it, happened in a philly suburb this afternoon. the dimmic presidential nominee went after trump lfor criticizig miss universe. >> forget your mind, forget your heart, care only about what you look because that's all we care about. we have to stand up against that. women and men, mothers and father, teachers, everybody. >> there's a new post debate
12:37 pm
poll after the first presidential debate that shows hillary clinton has a double digit lead in the state of pennsylvania. the poll has her leading trump. the poll, out from quinnipiac university, had clinton up, but just by four points. just how did clinton try to appeal to women voters today? >> women voters and college educated voters are considered essential. she brought her daughter chelsea with her. talking about health care and health care-related issues and she touched on community and law enforcement relations. >> there are so many good honorable police officers. they need our support. they need our backing. and at the same time, we have to help them get the kind of
12:38 pm
training and standards that they're looking for. >> clinton's next event is here in harrisburg. you see the room behind me is filling up. the opening acts if you will, the warm-up groups, are talking, trying to get ahead of her arrival here in harrisburg. >> all the focus appears to be on the women vote. >> she's out working it, she's out talking about issues that are bread and butter issues. pocketbook issues for women. her husband, former president bill clinton, had a bit of an awkward moment on the campaign trail. criticizing president obama's signature legislature accomplishment. >> you have this crazy system where all of a sudden people have health care and people are busting it 60 hours a week wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half.
12:39 pm
it's the craziest thing in the world. >> so hillary clinton has repeatedly said the health care law needs to be improved. she has talked about prescription drug prices being too high. she's also talked about premiums. but it makes you wonder what she would do if elected president. we understand right now we have senator tim kaine gearing up for tonight's vice presidential debate. a critical night for kaine. hillary clinton will be watching it closely. back to you. >> he pops up there live. it's a miracle of television. it's a tv miracle. this is his family here. tim kaine. i will tell you what, every one listening to my voice should tour farmville, virginia, everyone. it's amazing here. thank you for the pulled pork sandwich with the coleslaw and the hot sauce. thank you for the watermelon
12:40 pm
salad with feta. thank you for your amazing people. and for a break from the big city. if everyone should go to farmville, at least once. it's hard to get here but you won't have your phone to stare at along the way. you can actually enjoy the scenery. go straight at tobaccoville and keep going. follow the log truck and you'll get here. it's marberry rfd. you will love you some farmville. everyone will have a grand old time. clearly, the camera is on a boat. things i was not aware of. but i am now. so politics watchers stayed up until the wee hours this morning because the founder of wikileaks julian assange was promising a big surprise. whenever they promise a big sprirs, you know it's not coming. assange never delivered. instead, he gave a video conference that essentially marked the tenth anniversary of wikileaks. he did promise to release information about the
12:41 pm
presidential election every week for the next ten weeks. remember, wikileaks had a big document dump targeting the democratic national kitty back in july. just days before the party's convention happened. but assange says he's not specifically gone after hillary clinton or anyone else for that matter. catherine heritage in d.c. the october surprise did not surprise. >> that's right, wikileaks seemed careful not to bill today's event as a document leak that would impact the presidential race. instead, wikileaks says it was about the past, present and future of the organization with assange saying if he had a big announcement, he would not make it in the middle of the night u.s. time. during the live video link address this morning to a german audience, assange seemed to speak in code. >> the material that wikileaks is going to publish is significant -- such a significant environment in different directions affect iin
12:42 pm
three powerful organizations in three different states as well as of course information previously referred to about the u.s. election process. >> saying the leaks will include, quote, significant material on mass surveillance, google. if there's one thing he did achieve today, it was getting everyone's attention. >> thank you vary good at that. thank you. a complete meltdown of cooperation between the united states and russia, not surprisingly. tensions are coming to a head over the war in syria. president obama now faces a very tough decision. do you order american military action or do you potentially watch thousands of men and women die at the hands of isis. or do you wonder where is congress, where is your congress, that is supposed to be involved in all these matters. that's what your constitution says that your congress has got to get in there. where are they.
12:43 pm
why don't you ask them. you know the answer already. it's all coming up from longwood university as we await farmville so hang tight.
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12:46 pm
breaking news now. we just heard from the south carolina governor nikki haley and there's a new warning out for residents of coastal south carolina. the south carolina governor has just ordered or requested i should say that everybody living in the coastal areas of south carolina should evacuate now to 100 miles inland. they want to clear the coastal area in case a mass evacuation becomes necessary. is it the belief of our meteorologist that this storm is about to hit the coast of carolina? it is not. but the problem is they cannot pinpoint exactly where this storm is going to go. in this case, it matters enormously. the right-hand side of the storm is the wettest side. if this thing jogs 50 miles to the left, 50 miles to the west,
12:47 pm
the entire coastal area of north carolina, south carolina, much of florida, georgia, all of that, could be inundated. it is not the forecast but the forecasters realize they cannot be sure they're getting it right. the governor of south carolina has just issued an order for everyone in coastal carolina counties to evacuate now to 100 miles, minimum, inland. in south carolina. if you have any questions about this, along coat lines of florida, georgia, north carolina, is being is and all rest, all the way up through the d.c. area, new york and boston, as you see on the map there. if you have any question, contact your local emergency managers, turn to local media where they're working up brand-new reports now. this evacuation order for coastal counties in south carolina and the word from governor nikki haley is evacuate now. president obama could be facing a critical decision in syria after cease-fire talks with the russians fell apart. the state department now blaming russia for attacks on hospitals and the deadly bombing of a humanitarian convey last month. it could not be much worse.
12:48 pm
the secretary of state john kerry says russia has turned a blind eye as the syrian dictator continues to use chemical weapons on his own people. "the wall street journal," our corporate cousin, reports that u.s. officials are now considering other options that could include giving new weapons to syrian rebels. to help fend off attacks from both russia and syria. think of this, the united states is considering arming rebels. have you ever read a history book -- probably not a good time for that. it's the latest example of what is no doubt, without question, a proxy war between the united states and russia. hundreds of thousands have died since syria's civil war broke out in 2011. fights forced millions out of their hope homes as the uniteds sits on its hands, refuses to take action and allows all of this to spiral out of control. why? election year that's why. your congress is dare electric
12:49 pm
dare ra likt in its duty. disgusting. it's helped isis terrorists cash out territory in that region. carol lee is the white house correspondent for the "wall street journal" and join us live now. carol, to suggest that congress should get involved is an old yarn. where is this going now? what does your reporting suqy? >> well, the president is weighing a number of different options. his national security team is putting together different options for him to consider. it's not clear exactly what he might do, what decisions he might make. it's been well reported and talked about. the president has been very rue lucke reluctant to take significant action in syria and get the u.s. more deeply involved in the conflicts there. but when talks broke down over an cease-fire, the white house said the president had no choice but to go back and look at various options. some tof it you described
12:50 pm
earlier. >> do we know what's on the president's plate here and has he got any consultation from members of congress? >> well, we know that one of the options, as you mentioned, is to give bigger, you know, more robust weapons to syrian rebels, either directly, the united states doing that directly or the united states green lighting the gulf countries to send weapons directly to syrian rebels. you know, everything -- there's been discussion about would the u.s. consider strikes on regime targets. you heard the white house press secretary today say there's a lot of risk in that and that anything the president decides to do, he will be looking at what are the consequences. if you do x, then what happens there and how do you contain the situation and make it -- is it going to get better and will it require pouring more resources into it. all of this, you know, is coming for us ahead of an election where you're going to have a new president coming in and, you know, in four months who's going to have to deal with a fallout
12:51 pm
from whatever decision this president is going to make. >> i hate to cut this short but we have breaking news. another update on this massive hurricane. coming up from longwood university in farmville virginia. this storm has not taken a new track but it is coming in our general direction as a category 4 storm. 145 niles per hour. this is a deadly, deadly beast. and if it stays east, it's one thing. it's a fish storm. if it is trouble of enormous proportion coming just hours from now. stay with us. yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. 97%? helped by geico's fast and friendly claims service. huh...
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oh yeah, baby. geico's as fast and friendly as it gets. woo! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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. fox news extreme weather
12:55 pm
alert. again, south carolina's governor, nikki haley, has just ordered more than 1 million people to evacuate coastal areas of south carolina now as hurricane matthew heads towards the united states. 1 million people in coastal south carolina have been ordered by the governor to pack up and get out and head at least 100 miles the inland. why so far? well, they got to leave room for other people, in case other mass evacuations are ordered. this is a very tricky storm. steve harrigan is on miami beach for us this afternoon. steve, the thinking a couple of days ago was, this was going to be off to the east, and maybe it will, but they seem quite uncertain now. >> that's right, shepard. the storm has gradually moved to the west, certainly a dramatic move by the governor of south carolina, nikki haley, ordering people on the coastal cities of south carolina to begin toin im. she's going to try to move 1 million people 100 miles inland, this with the help of the national guard. there are already gas lines
12:56 pm
forming in south carolina, it's not clear that the storm is going to hit there, but certainly in an abundance of caution, she's trying to move 1 million people inland. there's a state of emergency in south carolina. also in parts of north carolina, there's a state of emergency and here in florida. so far, no similar move by either of those governors. strong warnings here in florida, from the governor, tropical storm watches and hurricane watches, but no dramatic move here yet in florida to mirror that what we've seen in south carolina. shepard, back to you. >> not yet. a beautiful if windy and surf's up day on south beach. we'll be right back from longwood university in farmville, virginia, with some final thoughts before we head off to "your world with neil cavuto." stay here. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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trump's just tweeted -- trump's just tweeted if guess what donald trump's going to do tonight. i will be watching the great governor mike pence and will be live tweeting the vp debate starting tonight at 8:30 p.m. eastern standard time. it's not even eastern standard time. it's eastern daylight time. come on, get with it! >> the running mates are set to face off. now, "your world with neil cavuto" >> welcome, everybody, glad to have you. you can begin to cut the tension with a knife, as the number two candidates feeling pressure to continue to build up the pressure at the top of the ticket. and this is the university where you want to do it, longwood university, to win the rights to this, they had to do a couple of renovations and get a few wires and high-tech things like that in here to enable this and sure enough they got it all done and the eyes of the world will be on them. whether this debate matches the


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